Pumpkin Soup Recipes

Posted on Dec 1, 2013

When the weather is getting cold, we all want to enjoy some seasonal meals and from the great selection of seasonal meals, the soups seem to be on top of the preferences. Among the delicious and warm soups we can have in the cold winter months, the pumpkin soup recipes are the best choices. despite the popular belief that pumpkins are good just for pies, there are many more wonderful options available for pumpkins. They are used in many of the world’s cuisines and if you come to think about it, a curried pumpkin soup might be a nice change from the common chicken vegetable soup.

Pumpkin Soup Recipes Pumpkin Soup Recipes Pictures

Although pumpkin dishes are often associated with Halloween, pumpkin meals can be enjoyed in all the cold months. They are very consistent and full of nutrients. Furthermore pumpkin soups also appeal to children. So, if you are having troubles with convincing your little one to eat soup, you might want to consider making a delicious pumpkin soup. Don’t be surprised if your pretentious eater will ask for a second serving.

Cooking a pumpkin soup recipe is quite an easy thing to do as it requires only a few steps to follow. If you want to hear this soup recipe here it comes. You need a large pot where you should put some butter, one chopped onion and half a clove of chopped garlic. Put the heat on medium and constantly stir until they are cooked. After a few minutes when the ingredients are getting soft, add some chicken stock and simmer for about 15 minutes. Then, add ground cloves, cinnamon, curry powder, black pepper, ginger and brown sugar. There are no established quantities for the spices. Just add them, little by little, until you obtain the desired taste. Let them simmer for about five minutes and then add maple syrup, vanilla extract, heavy cream and salt to the mixture. Simmer for 10 minutes and then enjoy the most delicious soup amongst the many pumpkin soup recipes. Whether you are cooking this recipe for Halloween or you just want to warm yourself over a cold winter day, we are sure that both you and your family will find it to be delicious.

So far, this is our favorite pumpkin soup recipe. However, we will continue to experiment with this wonderfully tasty ingredient in order to delight you with more delicious meal ideas. You should also feel free to experiment with different spices and ingredients when cooking pumpkin soup recipes. Cooking is all about creativity, and the pumpkin is a very consistent ingredient which goes well with a lot of flavors. You should know that a pumpkin soup can be made spicy, curried or creamy. Ginger and honey mustard are amongst the preferred ingredients but some people also enjoy want mushrooms in their pumpkin soup. There are so many recipes for making a delicious pumpkin soup, that everyone should find at least one recipe for his/her taste. You can even try cooking your pumpkin soup with peanuts or apples. When it comes to garnishes, you can use anything you want from fresh herbs to cream.