Ideas for Potato Soup Recipes

Posted on Jun 2, 2014

A lot of people view potato soup like a boring and cheap dish. The truth is that it’s a very healthy meal and it can be cooked in a lot of ways, depending on your tastes or, simply, on what you find in the pantry. It doesn’t matter which potato soup recipes you follow, the most important thing is to cook with love and enjoy what you’re doing. In many cultures and countries the potato soup is a basic and traditional meal. Countries like Peru and Ireland have always depended on their potato crops, which makes the potato one of the most influential vegetables in our society and economy.

Ideas for Potato Soup Recipes Ideas for Potato Soup Recipes Picture

Whether you like to eat it hot or cold, clear or creamy, the potato soup is a great meal starter. Moreover, it’s easy to cook and it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to make it. The basic potato soup recipes contain ingredients like potatoes, onion, chicken broth, milk, butter, flour, salt and pepper. The preparation is very simple. You saute the onions and then you add the rest of the ingredients and you cook until all the vegetables are tender and the soup has the desired consistency. If you want your soup to be creamy, mash the potatoes into a puree, but if you prefer clear soups replace the milk and flour with noodles and chop the potatoes in medium-sized cubes. Americans finish off their potato soup recipes by grating some Swiss or Cheddar cheese on top of each portion, but in other countries they simply serve it with some parsley garnish. You can also serve this soup in a bread bowl.

If you’re looking for new flavor for your potato soup, you can bake the potatoes with some bacon and cheese and then add them to the soup. Add some roasted peppers for a plus of color and taste. Some potato soup recipes also include white wine or spinach. Vegetarians can use vegetable instead of chicken broth; this does not ruin the flavor at all, on the contrary, it creates new layers of taste. The Zuppa Toscana is an Italian variation of potato soup where you use an oven-cooked Italian sausage and spinach that give it a new dimension of tastiness. This sort of soup is an ideal winter meal.

Ideas for Potato Soup Recipes Ideas for Potato Soup Recipes Picture

Come springtime, you can serve a chilled potato and leek soup next to a salad and some white wine. If you want the soup to be chunkier and more consistent, add bacon to the basic recipe. These were just a few examples of how potato soup can be cooked; there are many other variations, but you can simply invent your own recipe. These Soups are full of the vitamins which they extract from the vegetables and they are great for boosting your immune system.