Ham and Bean Soup Recipe

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

We all want to have a tasty dish on our table when we get back home after a hard working day. However, it can be quite exhausting to start cooking immediately after you come home. A great solution for this problem is to make dishes which can be refrigerated and which are also tasty when you reheat them. If you are wondering what dish you should cook which would be tasty, nourishing and would last for the next few days, then we have the perfect solution for you. You should try a ham and bean soup recipe which will be filling and tasty enough to make you ask for a second serving.

Ham and Bean Soup Recipe Ham and Bean Soup Recipe Picture

The truth is that ham and bean soup recipes can be found everywhere but rarely will you find a tasteful recipe. Not many recipes carry that unique taste and flavor that we want our food to have, even if most of the popular recipes contain the same ingredients. If you’re wondering about the secret of making that delicious ham and bean soup which will leave that unique taste and flavor in your mouth, then you should know that there are some tips and steps to follow that can make a lot of difference in the cooking process.

The first step in your ham and bean soup recipe is to purchase the necessary ingredients. You should have beans, smoked ham, some smoke flavoring, mustard powder, peeled and cubed carrots, peeled and chopped red onion, peeled and crushed or minced garlic, fresh tomatoes, chopped celery stalk, chopped fresh parsley, 1 bay leaf, salt and pepper.

The steps you have to follow also play a major role in giving your soup the unique taste that you’re looking for. It is very important to soak your beans for about 12 hours before cooking. This thing counts in reducing the amount of indigestible complex sugars that create “gas” and it also counts in reducing the cooking time of beans. Thus, your soup will not only be tasty but it will also be very delicate on your stomach.

The next step to take in cooking your soup is to take a large pot with water and fill in the beans, the smoked ham, carrots, tomatoes, parsley and the bay leaf. You can use chopped ham if you like. You should heat until they reach the boiling point and then reduce the heat and simmer for about half an hour. Meanwhile, put the garlic, red onion, celery and smoke flavoring into a large pan and lightly fry them. Then, add the frying pan content to the large pot along with dry mustard powder, white pepper and salt. Stir the mixture from time to time and leave it simmer for about 45 minutes.

After the necessary time has passed, you should taste the soup and season it with some salt and pepper. These are all the steps in the ham and bean soup recipe. We guarantee that you will enjoy this soup even after having reheated it. It is a great choice for people who work long hours and don’t have time to cook on a daily basis.