Gazpacho Soup Recipe

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

The gazpacho soup is a summer meal originating from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. It is usually a tomato-based vegetable soup served cold and it is not only widely popular in Spain, but in Portugal and other countries as well. The gazpacho soup recipe is different in various regions. Its origins are believed to be either Arab arriving in Spain with the Moors, or Roman through the introduction of vinegar. If you too are a fan of light vegetable soups, you will definitely enjoy the following recipe.

The Original Gazpacho Soup Recipe The Original Gazpacho Soup Recipe Pictures


  • -tomatoes
  • -stale bread
  • -cucumber
  • -bell pepper
  • -garlic
  • -onion
  • -olive oil
  • -wine vinegar
  • -salt.

Although there are many variations to the basic Gazpacho soup recipe, we prefer this particular one because it takes very little time to be prepared. The modern recipes sometimes completely exclude the tomatoes and stale bread and replace them with cucumbers, avocado, watermelon, parsley, grapes, seafood or meat stock. So if you like the basic recipe, you might also consider experimenting with it from time to time in order to bring some diversity to your meals.

Cooking instructions

You wash the vegetables and peel the tomatoes, the garlic and the onion. Next you chop all the vegetables and herbs and put them in a large bowl. You can puree the tomatoes in a blender or pound them with a mortar, which is the traditional way of preparing them. You continue by adding the soaked bread to the mix, but this is an optional ingredient. Blend everything in the bowl and bring it to the desired consistency. Some prefer it chunkier, others smooth and pureed. Once you get the perfect blend you can add some cold water, olive oil, vinegar and salt to your taste. Keep in mind that this soup is better served a few hours after the preparation as the more time passes the better the flavors mix. You can garnish each dish with fresh pepper bell slices, diced cucumber or any other fresh vegetables that you have around the house.

The original Gazpacho soup recipe requires you use a mortar and pestle to mash the vegetables and this is still a preferred method because it keeps the mix cool and doesn’t produce foam. Gazpacho soup can even be served with ice cubes if it hadn’t enough time to chill. The garnishes from the same ingredients used in the soup are also served separately so those who eat can add them as they prefer. For example, the Cordoban gazpacho soup recipe is served with chopped hard boiled egg and ham on top, but the most common garnishes are the croutons.

There are many variations of gazpacho soup in different regions of Spain, like the Arranque Roteño from the province of Cadiz which is thicker, like a dip because the recipe was transformed when the region was suffering from drought. There also are the Extremaduran variations, or the gazpacho manchego which is more like a meat stew and uses rabbit meat. These and many more recipes make the gazpacho soup a versatile meal that can be cooked to everyone’s tastes.