Fish Soup Recipe

Posted on Dec 18, 2012

If you are a person who is preoccupied about your health, then you are probably well aware of the many benefits of soups. Not only are soups easy to make but they also contain a lot of nutrients and are extremely healthy given the fact that they are low on fat. Whenever you feel like making a change and switching from the vegetable or chicken soup recipes to something new, you should try out a fish soup recipe which is a great meal for all seasons.

Fish Soup Recipe Fish Soup Recipe Picture

This recipe is quite easy to prepare and you just need to simmer the soup ingredients. The fish soup may not be the common type of soup everyone is used to but it does make for a warming and delicious dish. Being so easy to make, you can either pick among the great selection of fish soup recipes available or you can even invent your own fish soup.

Usually, aromatic herbs like parsley or dill go well with fish and you can make fish soups with all kinds of fish, such as tuna, cod, salmon and many more. The great thing about cooking a fish is that it only takes about ten minutes to prepare it. So, you should remember to add the fish to your soup near the end of the cooking process.

A fish soup recipe has pretty much the same ingredients as any other soup recipe including the common vegetables and herbs that should be filled in. If we should cook for example a cod fish soup, then we will need chopped onions, garlic, chopped potatoes and tomatoes, celery, salt, pepper, a bay leaf and parsley. In addition, one tablespoon of dry white wine should be required for adding an extra taste to the cod fish soup.

The entire cooking process of your fish soup recipe requires a pot with water that should be brought to a boil and then adding the vegetables and simmering for a few minutes. Once the vegetables are soft and tender, the next thing would be to fill in the parsley, bay leaf and pepper and let the soup boil for a few minutes more. Adding the cod fish or any other fish you would want to have in your fish soup should come among the last things to do in the cooking process.

When the fish and vegetables are completely cooked you can choose to put pieces of toasted or fried bread in your serving dish and then pour the soup over. You can also garnish with a slice of lemon which will give your soup a light sourly taste.