Creamy Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Posted on Aug 20, 2013

Soups are the most popular comfort dishes. They come in all flavors and there is one for each taste. Vegetarian soups are healthy and easy to make but after a certain point it can be quite difficult to find original recipes. Today we will present you two creamy vegetarian soup recipes that you will fall in love with.

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Creamy carrot soup with coconut milk

-2,3 large carrots
-1 onion
-1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
-1 tablespoon curry powder
-2 cups vegetable broth
-1 14 ounces coconut milk
-sea salt
Cooking instructions
Start by shopping the carrots and the onions in small pieces. Simmer the vegetables and the curry powder in the vegetable broth until the carrots are soft. Take them away from the heat and allow them to cool. When they are no longer hot put the mix in the blender and puree it. Once the mixture is creamy put it back in the soup pot over medium heat. Continue by stirring in the coconut milk and season it with sea salt. Leave it on for two more minutes and then you can serve it. Given its creamy nature, this soup is best served hot. If you plan on reheating it you may want to add some more vegetable broth as the soup thickens when it gets cold. This is one of our favorite creamy vegetarian soup recipes but if you are not a big fan of carrots you may find this next soup to be more to your liking.

Creamy Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Creamy Mushroom and cauliflower soup
-2 cups cauliflower florets
-1 1/5 unsweetened almond milk
-1 1/5 diced white mushrooms
-1/5 diced onion
-1/5 teaspoon olive oil
-1 teaspoon onion powder
-1/4 Himalayan rock salt
-ground pepper
Cooking instructions
Put the almond milk, the cauliflower florets, the onion powder and some salt and pepper in a saucepan over medium heat. Cover the pan until it starts boiling. Once it boils you simmer for 8 minutes until the cauliflower florets are soft. Next, you take the mixture away from the heat and you allow it to cool for a little while. You then put the soup in the blender and puree it until it becomes creamy. In a different saucepan you add the oil, mushrooms and onion and you cook them until the onion get that golden color. Next you put the puree over the mushrooms saute, you bring to a boil and simmer for another 10 minutes.

We hope that you enjoy these creamy vegetarian soup recipes. Serve them hot and we guarantee that they will warm your body as well as your heart. They are the best comfort soups for cold days.