The Best Soup Recipes

Posted on May 14, 2014

No matter if you are a vegetarian or you are a fan of meat dishes, you definitely have one or more favorite soups. These dishes have always played an important part in the human diet. The reasons why mothers cook all kinds of soup for their children is because they know that soup is a healthy and nutritious dish that can even be used as a home remedy for treating the common cold or the flu.

The Best Soup Recipes The Best Soup Recipes Picture

If you are looking for the best soup recipes, then you should know that there is one for every taste. What is great about soup is that it is not only nourishing and tasty, but also easy to make and you can prepare it with cheap ingredients. Some soups are so popular that they are prepared in all countries. Such is the case of the chicken soup recipe which can make wonders for your body and your soul on a cold winter day. The clear vegetable soup is also highly popular as you can change the ingredients according to each season’s vegetables. Furthermore each vegetable can be used as a main ingredient in basic soups. The serving manner and the garnishes also contribute to a soup’s appeal. For example a simple potato soup can be amazing if it is served in a bread bowl with bacon and grated cheese as garnish.

If you want to cook creamy soups you should add some cheese, sour cream, yogurt or a splash of milk that will make the soups a lot creamier. This goes for all creamy soups and it doesn’t matter if you use meat or not. Many women use a blender or a food processor when making creamy soups. You can adjust the consistency of creamy soups by adding milk or vegetable broth. The best soup recipes that have a creamy consistency have potatoes, mushrooms or carrots as the main ingredients. They go great with croutons or grilled bread.

The Best Soup Recipes The Best Soup Recipes Picture

If you like international cuisine, then you should know that the best soup recipes are made by the French. Among the most popular French soups we have the onion soup, the Bouillabaisse, the Vichyssoise, the Shrimp Bisque, the chestnut soup and the Garbure. From the Italian cuisine, the Minestrone soup is the most popular one. The Asian soups are a lot different than most soups as they are sweet, sour and salty in the same time. However, if you can procure the traditional ingredients, the Asian cuisine has some of the best soup recipes.

Many people think that if their soup is made without adding some butter, cream or meat it will be less tasty, but the fact is that there are a lot of soup recipes that are made only with fresh vegetables and they are also delicious. For example, you can try to cook a roasted vegetable soup that will definitely make you change your mind about vegetable soups being tasteless. It combines only healthy and fresh vegetables and herbs that have a great contribution to the well being of our bodies.